About the Program

Stand Up & Learn is the Swaziland International Comedy Festival’s (c) non-profit comedy education program. It empowers youth ages 12-18 to build self-confidence through learning to write and perform original stand-up comedy. This art form provides a wealth of skills that can be applied to the real world, including storytelling, creative writing, interpersonal communication and public speaking.

Stand Up& Learn is presented as a two-day workshop by Mduduzi Mdura Dlamini, a professional comedian and Larry Mhlanga an executive director of the Swaziland International Comedy Festival. The Stand Up& Learn, program will be offered year-round and will reach over 250 Swazi children. Stand Up & Learn consists of a series of lessons that teach students the stand-up comedy writing process by “finding the funny” in their own life stories. Each student begins by choosing a humorous moment from his or her life, and then shaping it into an entertaining vignette, dotted with jokes and well-timed punch lines. With help from their expert instructors, the kids fine-tune and practice their stories. After going through the program, students get the chance to perform their original comedy material in front of a live audience at the Swaziland International Comedy Festival SCHOOLS COMPETITION STAGE and throughout the year at the Schools events.

With your help, Stand Up& Learn will grow leaps and bounds every year, and we will draw ever closer to our goal of developing a formal curriculum. Over the years to come, the #SICF will work with numerous curriculum specialists to help hone and enrich Stand Up& Learn’s lessons and program. Every child deserves the chance to build self-confidence and become acquainted with his or her unique abilities. Stand Up & Learn’s dynamic road to such achievements will prove to be successful year after year. To get involved or to become a financial supporter of Stand Up & Learn, please contact

 Thank you for being an important part of the kids’ journeys!

Some skills include:

• LEARN about the psychology of humor, and what makes something funny

• APPLY creative writing skills to comedy

• EXPLORE the art of story telling

• ANALYZE performance clips to understand what makes effective comedy

• WORK in cooperative team environments

• CREATE original material from personal experiences and distilled from current events

• PERFORM an original routine in front of an audience

• LEARN to deal with hecklers